Webinar Customs Clearance Turkey - General understanding, special features and important differences

With more than 84 million people and a predominantly western, modern-oriented young population, Turkey remains an interesting market that offers positive growth opportunities sooner or later.

Despite political problems and restrained growth, technologically high-quality products and systems continue to enjoy great demand in the country. Many companies manage their business for the entire region from Istanbul. Turkey is also still very interesting as a procurement market.

With the webinar, we want to help companies that need to understand in general the custom clearance in Turkey as well as the special features and main differences to keep in mind. Practical know-how should support your cooperation and trade with Turkish companies or establishing your supply chain management in the country properly.

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  • How to prepare the required documents
  • Costs, duties and fees you have to take into consideration
  • How to be prepared for CE-Conformity and which product groups have additional requirements
  • Special features like export incentives, preliminary tool imports

At the end of each webinar, the speakers will be happy to answer your questions.


Portrait of Yesim Tektasli, Partner at FMC Group

Yeşim F. Tektaşlı, Partner

Yeşim is partner of FMC Group and is responsible for financial services development, companies’ setup and controlling.

Prior to forming FMC Group in 1999, Yeşim worked as an IT Coach in Munich and Nuremberg, in the Sales Department for Siemens Energieübertragung und –verteilung (Nuremberg, Germany) and came to Turkey as Commercial Project Manager for MAN EnerjiSistemleri Ltd., (Istanbul, Turkey). She specializes in operational and financial business for Turkish foreign trade and foreign capital companies.

Yeşim graduated from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany) with a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Economics, with additional lessons in Psychology and Pedagogy. Her thesis, entitled “Turkey’s way to a free market economy” studied the changing face of Turkish business and economics. During her studies, she was a Board Member for the European Association of Turkish Academics.

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Customs Clearance Turkey - General understanding, special features and important differences

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