Crisis Management

Organizations are vulnurable to crisis. Any business, large or small, may run into problems that may negatively impact the normal course of operations. Crisis management often requires decisions to be made within a short time, and in order to reduce the uncertainty in such a case, a crisis management plan needs to be created.

At this point, FMC Group is your reliable partner for such cases.


Client situation: The Turkish subsidiary of a modern international company was managed by a patriarchal manager like a very traditional Turkish family company. All decisions had been done by the manager himself, all reporting went through him. The employees had been unsatisfied. Necessity to change the managing director, which was quite critical, because the general manager maintained all contacts to key customers himself for more than 10 years.

Project scope: Careful preparation of the management change, including hiring one new department manager. Taking over of the management by our partner Peter J. Heidinger, together with the new department manager. Complete restructuring of the company.

Result: Tripling the turnover in the following years and a successful investment, financed by the profits of the Turkish subsidiary