Market Research

We can help you in many of your research needs; either you are a leading player in a niche segment that needs custom research, or a publisher that would like to include Turkey / UAE / Tunisia / Morocco in your Global Syndicated Study. We provide market intelligence on a wide range of sectors as we are specialized in making research under conditions specific to these 4 countries.

If you would like to have an easy-to-read and clear cut formatted report which was prepared according to your questions and your business needs; market analysis would be the right service for you.

We highly recommend preparing the right proposal for your specific needs together and build a team with you from the start.


Market Analysis

  • Market size
  • Market structure
  • Sales & distribution channels
  • Key players (competition, customers and other stakeholders)
  • Market shares
  • Trends & developments
  • Forecasts
  • Cost structure
  • Location analysis
  • SWOT analysis


Methodology design according to the needs of the projects.

Each research project is a unique combination of:

  • Desk research
  • Phone interviews
  • Face-to-face in-depth interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Focus Groups


  • Tailor made research; from answering a few questions up to a fully comprehensive market study with board presentations
  • Creating a real team environment with our clients, enabling them to dynamically steer the research according to findings
  • Highly flexible and responsive to any urgent demands from our clients’ internal organization
  • Expertise in the market – including niche sectors – offering effective research through the best market experts


Till today, we have completed 250+ market analysis projects for 190+ customers in 22 different countries around the world. Below are a few selected case studies to give more insight:


Market Size Estimations for the Turkish Section of a Published Global Syndicated Study

Client situation: A global market research company that publishes syndicated studies as well as tailored custom reports needed comprehensive data regarding Turkey for its Global Lubricants Market Analysis.

Project Scope: A comprehensive study of desk research, phone interviews and in-depth face-to-face interviews conducted in parallel with other countries as part of a global team. The final report outlay a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of commercial & consumer automotive finished lubricants as well as industrial products with end-use industries, trade classes, major suppliers and market trends.

Result: New estimations and forecasts for the lubricant market in Turkey have been produced in a classification which is much more detailed than ever before.


Strategy for Reentering Turkish Market

Client situation: A leading European stationery company was willing to reenter Turkish market with the most suitable strategy.

Project Scope: FMC Group formed a flexible team together with market experts to gather information on the market structure, market size, competitors, distribution channels, market trends, marketing and advertising activities, sales conditions and costs, by desk research and face-to-face interviews with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Overall market size as well segment market sizes were estimated both as value and volume together with growth forecasts.

Result: FMC Group showed a clear picture of such a difficult and unique market and provided all the required information on how to do business in the stationery sector to achieve success. Accordingly, the client decided on the right profile of local partner and targeted the right customer portfolio in Turkey.


Finding the Perfect Partner for Acquisition

Client situation: A German holding company was looking for target companies in the HR & IT sector for acquisition purposes.

Project scope: By making desk research and phone interviews with companies using HR & IT services, FMC Group prepared a long list of HR & IT companies suitable for the criteria given by the client. Screening the long list by phone interviews, target companies were identified. More detailed face-to-face interviews were made with interested targets. After making a detailed analysis of interviews, a shortlist of suitable candidates was submitted to the client and meetings were arranged.

Result: The client clearly saw which companies might be suitable for a possible acquisition and developed further steps required. Today FMC Group is honored to see the successful growth of its client and continue to support with further services whenever necessary.


Screening and Identifying Concrete Opportunities in Turkey

Client situation: A world giant in metal forming technologies, headquartered in Europe, was willing to enlarge its business in Turkey and identify the market potential in automotive, defense, large pipes, packaging, home appliances, railway, drives and generators industries.

Project scope: FMC Group conducted 65 phone interviews in 7 industries (Tier 1-3, home appliances, packaging, defense, large pipe, railway, drives & generators) and asked companies about their current operations and investment plans. Subsequently, 4 industries (Tier 1-3, defense, packaging and large pipes) were selected as potential target markets and analyzed deeply in a methodology shaped according to the requirements of each industry. The number of potential companies in the Tier 1-3 industry was estimated using statistics (top down analysis) and 1215 companies were surveyed by CATI method (bottom up analysis). Defense (70 phone and 16 face-to-face), packaging (57 phone and 11 face-to-face), large pipes (18 phone and 6 face-to-face) industries were analyzed by phone and face-to-face interviews.

Result: The client clearly saw where the market potential is in each industry and understood how to develop its business in Turkey. The study resulted in concrete sales deals.


Which Location is Better for the Investment

Client situation: A German manufacturer of car wash systems was searching for a production location around greater Istanbul area.

Project scope: FMC Group analyzed Turkey according to the priorities of the client such as easy access to transportation, suppliers and availability of the necessary infrastructure. In addition to contacting real estate agencies and organized zones, FMC Group gathered detailed information by desk research on the regions where the available lands are located. An overall analysis and recommendations were provided together with important cost items. Site visits to those regions were arranged and accompanied in order to help the client to better understand the experiences in Turkey.

Result: The client was able to compare the lands and regions in terms of prices, infrastructure, costs and other qualities. In the end, an alternative location recommended by FMC Group found to be more promising.


Aggressive Growth in Many Niche Segments in Parallel

Client situation: A global outsourcing service provider, headquartered in Germany, was willing to increase its understanding of the Turkish market in nine business segments as well as to identify, assess and implement growth opportunities in the Turkish market through M&A, BPO or Greenfield investment.

Project scope: The project was managed by an international team at FMC Group in Istanbul in close cooperation with the client‘s employees both in Turkey and in Germany. FMC Group conducted comprehensive market analysis and competitor analysis in 11 niche segments in 4 main sectors which are E-commerce, Financial Services, Supply Chain Management and Marketing & Data Services. After evaluation of each report together with their Client, selected growth opportunities were analysed further in detail with solid steps to follow for a board presentation.

Result: New estimations and forecasts for the lubricant market in Turkey have been produced in a classification, which is much more detailed than ever before, and prepared in a format the client exactly needs.