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Business Partner / Distributor Search in Egypt

One of the critical factors for success in the Egyptian market is having the right local partners.

With more than 20 years of experience in business partner / distributor / importer search in Emerging Markets, we can bring together hundreds of companies that operate across a diverse range of sectors.

We can help you in your search for business partners with different features, e.g. a distributor network with a wide coverage of specific regions in the country, a distributor with the necessary licenses to apply for local tenders, a sales agent that has good access and strong key account relationships, a distributor capable of providing service & maintenance to your customers, a JV partner or a partner to take care of logistics & collection.

Taking the step to partner with the first company that you meet is a risky and costly decision. We can help you find the partner that best fits with your business and meets your expectations through our systematic approach to screen the entire market in your sector. We can create a win-win situation for you and your local partner through our solid understanding of different technical and business requirements, local market dynamics, and business mindsets. We bridge the gap between you & your partner and help you overcome cultural differences and language barriers. We assist our clients not only in searching for the right partner but also provide ongoing support or on-demand throughout the business relationship.

In addition, our employee leasing service can provide you the support you need to manage your local distribution network, for example with your own business development manager without having to register your local subsidiary.

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Scope of Business Partner / Distributor Search in Egypt

  • Systematic search of potential business partners that match your preferred criteria and creating a long-list of candidates through our own database and desk research
  • Conducting interviews with potential key customers to get their feedback and recommendations about local players in the market
  • Creating a short-list of the most qualified long-listed companies as potential partners / distributors
  • Interviews with these suitable candidates using a well-structured questionnaire. Assessment of these candidates by our expertise
  • Screening and assessment of short-listed candidates through interviews and well-structured questionnaires
  • Preparing a comprehensive report with a full overview of short-listed companies, conducted interviews, and summarized market analysis
  • Planning your market visit for face-to-face meetings and accompanying you on those meetings while providing you with our strategic recommendations
  • Strategic advice and exploring different options for your distributor set-up
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Ongoing support following the business partner search

Advantages of a Business Partner Search in Egypt with FMC Group

  • A thorough understanding of your business, products, goals, and needs with a hands-on approach to analyzing the market in Egypt on your behalf
  • Conducting a systematic search and assessment of all potential active companies in the Egyptian market to ensure the best candidates are identified
  • Searching for partners that could potentially have the best synergies with your business and the products/services that you offer
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of the local market, culture, and business mindset
  • Gathering market-specific information through interviews with key customers and potential candidates

Business Culture in Egypt

To conduct business successfully in Egypt, it is important to understand the main characteristics of your local business partners. The Egyptian culture is a combination of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and African influences. In Egypt, the social side of business goes hand-in-hand with the business-related one.

Non-Verbal Communication in Egypt

  • Physical space is usually an arm’s length
  • Direct eye contact is acceptable and is often regarded as a sign of respect to the speaker
  • Egyptians are usually loud. If they raise their voice at some point it does not mean they are arguing as this is how they generally discuss matters
  • A handshake is the customary greeting between people of the same gender however once a relationship has evolved, it is common to kiss one another on the cheek along with a handshake, men with men and women with women

Business Attitude

  • The pace of business in Egypt is generally slower than in Europe
  • The social aspect of doing business is very important. Egyptians prefer to do business with those they are familiar with and respect.
  • It is common for people to try to bend the rules and interpret regulations differently as a way to overcome business constraints
  • Age and experience are highly regarded. Older people tend to fill the most senior and supervisory positions regardless of their skills and competencies, especially in government.


  • It is recommended to be introduced by a local representative as it would help speed up the business process
  • The socialization period in a business meeting, which usually starts with the host serving tea or coffee, is essential to establish trust between both parties
  • Egyptians often use humor in their conversations, and it is not uncommon for an Egyptian to say a joke or two when meeting someone for the first time
  • Schedule a meeting one or two weeks ahead but make sure to confirm it a few days before by phone or email
  • Expect a meeting to take longer than originally planned however it is considered rude to rush a meeting
  • The typical work week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. No business is conducted on Friday
  • Before setting a meeting, make sure it does not coincide with a public or religious holiday. Also note that working hours are shortened during Ramadan for both the public and private sector


  • The decision-making process can be lengthy
  • It might take several meetings, business meals, and meetings with less senior officials until you meet the key decision-maker
  • Do not use high-pressure negotiating tactics. Egyptians are generally tough negotiators however it is recommended to back up your arguments with documentation and research
  • Trust is very important for Egyptians while doing business so make sure you invest time to build trust
  • Bargaining is common at various levels

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.