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Partner Search

company logo of FMC ServicesIf you already know finding the right partner is the right method for you in order to build and operate in Turkey, UAE, Tunisia or Morocco, then we can support you with our business partnership service where we screen the market and find the best possible fit to your business and expectations.


  • Systematic search and evaluation of all alternative partners present in the market
  • Searching partners in the complementary business fields
  • Customer interviews to seek recommendations
  • Prequalification
  • Face-to-face meetings together with you and the candidates
  • Price negotiation (for suppliers)
  • Reference checks


  • Systematic searches ensure the best candidates in all 4 countries are found
  • Cultural guidance, we understand different business mentalities
  • Knowledge of the market and culture

Case Studies


1. Supplier Search


Client Situation: Client A is a world leading manufacturer in the medical industry. Company A had heard that Turkey was being used by competitors as a manufacturing base and so their interest was peaked 

Project scope: FMC Group were asked to conduct a feasibility study, looking at the market conditions, competitor activities, potential suppliers, set-up costs and potential sales opportunities in Turkey.

FMC Group compiled a detailed report after conducting interviews with market experts in related sectors, investigating competitor activities and identifying potential partners. FMC Group made recommendations as to the best approach to entering the Turkish market.

Upon further deliberations, Company A decided to establish manufacturing facilities in Turkey. FMC Group was asked to identify and recommend suitable locations and assist with appointing contractors such as architects and builders. Initially, FMC Group provided extensive business administration services to facilitate the growth of the company in those early stages. We established the Turkish company, and provided a range of financial administration, recruitment, and human resource services to enable senior management to remain at global headquarters and focus on existing business whilst the Turkish operation developed at an organic pace.

Result: Company A is now a successful multi-million dollar Turkish enterprise with a staff of more than 200.


2. Distributor Search

Client Situation:  
In January 2009, two companies from different parts of Europe and different market sectors asked FMC Group to help identify customers and /or distributors in Turkey. Both companies had limited knowledge of Turkey, but their own initial investigations and feelings were positive.

Project scope: FMC Group was asked to “fill in the blanks” and complete their picture of the opportunities in Turkey. This involved identifying key players, finding out further information about their existing contacts and arranging meetings with customers and distributors.

Both companies arrived in Istanbul on the same day and were due to stay for a short 2 day stay. We had arranged meetings with appropriate contacts at relevant organizations to allow the clients to understand Turkey as well as establish useful contacts / sales opportunities for the future.

Company B was invited by a previous customer to use their driver and vehicle so our client felt more inclined to “go it alone”. At the end of two days and 6 meetings, Company B had a better understanding of the key players and existing clients, but reported that it would have been more useful to have a Turkish speaker present to give them an outside opinion and help negotiate the Turkish business culture.

In contrast, Company C decided to use our full consultancy services, and requested use of our English Speaking driver and multi-lingual consultant to accompany them to meetings. During the first day, it was felt an ideal partner had already been identified and we were challenged with identifying additional potential partners for the parent company which could be visited on day two. Further meetings were set and the second day was spent visiting alternative companies.

Result:  Distribution contracts for both Company C and its parent were signed shortly after the visit.