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Supplier Search in Egypt

Optimizing your supplier network and becoming competitive in today’s global economy is more important than ever. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, sourcing from nearby regions and maintaining a sustainable flexible network became a critical success factor for businesses. Over and above the cost savings to be generated, it is essential to evaluate the efficiency of your supply chain and develop the relevant sourcing strategy to ensure the stability of your business and improve the overall quality of your operations and offerings to customers. As FMC Group, we can select the most suitable suppliers for your business from Egypt; a country that offers significant advantages and opportunities.

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Why Egypt is Relevant for the Supply Chain of Many Sectors

Egypt is a strong manufacturing destination with great potential as a sustainable supply source across various manufacturing sectors. Procurement from Egypt has various advantages:

  • Strategic geopolitical location with the newly expanded Suez Canal and proximity to Asian, African, and European markets
  • Second largest economy in Africa
  • Egypt is a signatory to various multilateral trade agreements in addition to many bilateral trade agreements with countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa giving Egypt access to an estimated 2.6 billion consumers globally
  • Key multilateral trade agreements include the European Union-Egypt Free Trade Agreement, Turkey-Egypt Free Trade Agreement, and the Free Trade Agreement with European Free Trade Association (EFTA) States which together give Egypt access to 47 countries in Europe
  • Competitive advantage in manufacturing due to relatively cheap labor costs and a well-qualified labor force for manufacturing

The main exports of Egypt in 2019 were oil and other mineral products (32% of total exports), chemical products (12%), agricultural products and livestock (11%) and textiles (10.5%). Other exports include base metals (5.5%), machinery and electrical appliances (4.5%) and foodstuff, beverages and tobacco (4%).  The United States was Egypt’s top export destination.

Advantages of Supplier Search in Egypt with FMC Group

We can offer a range of value-adding services should you decide to search for suitable suppliers in Egypt:

  • Conducting a systematic search of suppliers in the Egyptian market to ensure that the best-fit candidates are identified
  • Screening suppliers according to your preferred selection criteria, such as infrastructure, technology, organization, logistics, etc. and putting you in direct contact with the short-listed suppliers
  • Searching for products, no matter how technical they are, through our experienced consultants with engineering backgrounds
  • Providing you with additional insights into your supplier sourcing process through our local market knowledge and understanding of the business culture
  • Acting as your trustworthy local partner and advising you on price offers within the local business context
  • Providing guidance and support as you navigate through the lengthy negotiation process
  • Being locally available on the ground to provide any support that you may require in the future whether ongoing support or on-demand through an hourly service

Scope of Supplier Search in Egypt

  • In-depth understanding of the required products and their technical specifications
  • Determining the criteria for selecting the best fit suppliers, including process technologies, machinery park, automation needs, production capacity, number of employees, availability of engineers, required experience, etc.
  • Creating a long list of suppliers in Egypt according to the predetermined criteria
  • Directly contacting all long-listed suppliers to validate their data and verify the extent to which they meet the predetermined criteria
  • Evaluating the long-listed suppliers and short-listing the most suitable ones
  • Sharing with short-listed suppliers the relevant technical drawings, specifications, and available documentation before requesting them to send their quotations and expected delivery times
  • Conducting site visits to potential suppliers along with face-to-face interviews to assess their overall profile and capability to deliver according to your specifications
  • Negotiating prices, terms, and conditions on your behalf
  • Supporting the production process and ensuring that the samples meet your technical and quality specifications
  • Providing additional local support during and after supplier visits

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.