Turkey Industry Reports

You can easily download our market snapshot presentations, providing brief information on various industries. Our market research team updates these snapshots regularly and also adds new ones. All presentations can be also found from our SlideShare account.

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Agriculture & Food Industry in Turkey

Turkey ranks 7th in the world and 1 st in Europe in terms of agricultural production.

Energy Industry in Turkey

Only a small portion of the potential is utilized; new investments are needed in the Turkish energy sector.

Transportation & Logistics Industry in Turkey

Turkey’s geographical location creates opportunities for T&L activities and projects.

White Goods & Electronics Industry in Turkey

90-95% of Turkey’s domestic market is covered by 6 big manufacturers.

Construction Industry in Turkey

Construction is one of the main drivers of the Turkish economy with more than 1.8 mn employees.

Textile Industry in Turkey

Nearly 59 thousand active companies and 1 mn people (excluding unregistered) are employed in sector.

ICT Industry in Turkey

Turkish people become increasingly mobile: Portable computers and mobile phones are in an upward trend.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry in Turkey

Import of foreign pharmaceuticals has grown immensely in Turkey.

Machinery Industry in Turkey

6th largest manufacturer in Europe & employs more than 135 thousand people.

Automotive Industry in Turkey

The Customs Union agreement with the EU in 1996 boosted both foreign investment and foreign trade.

Chemicals Industry in Turkey

Turkey is dependent on imports in this industry: 70% of the chemical raw materials used are imported.

Defense Industry in Turkey

Turkey plans 22 new defense projects worth a total of $5 billion and spans the development of air defense.

Steel Industry in Turkey

In order to meet the scrap demand of electric arc furnaces, Turkey became a leading scrap importer.

Tourism Industry in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations, and is improving touristic infrastructure.