Market Visit to Emerging Markets

company logo of FMC ServicesIf you would like to see and feel the market, and meet the stakeholders in your business field, market visit can enable these accompanied by our expert consultants.


  • Searching suitable, potential customers
  • Identifying other experts and important stakeholders that can also provide insight
  • Arrangement of appointments and the schedule
  • Joint visits together with client to identify the market potential, interest and the general market conditions
  • Providing local insight, consultancy and support


Standardized, optimized procedures using telephone and electronic communications


  • Combining potential customer searches with sales meeting appointment setting and direct market insight
  • Effective services that give an initial impression of the potential market
  • Support from a highly dedicated and communicative team
  • Hassle free service, everything is pre-arranged, including airport transfers
  • Client support and guidance during customer visits


1. Search for Potential Customers

  • Defining business areas of potential customers
  • Identifiying players in these business areas and appropriate “to the point” contact persons

2. Pre-selection of Interested Ones

  • Phone interviews with “to the point” contact persons, present the company and products
  • Learning their interests

3. Visit Management

  • Arranging 5-7 meetings, prepare the schedule
  • Organizing all the details of the visit and accompanying upon request to provide local consultancy