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Supplier Search in Tunisia

Optimizing your sourcing process to become more competitive in today’s global economy is an important continuous task. Coronavirus pandemic unfolds the need of supplying from closer regions through a sustainable & flexible network. For the improvement of your business, you can adapt your sourcing strategy and remodel your supply chain. In addition to the cost advantages, you can even improve your quality as well as your offerings to your customers. As FMC Group, we can find suppliers for you from Tunisia; a country that offers many hidden advantages.

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Why Tunisia Can Be Relevant for the Supply Chain

Procurement from Tunisia can offer you advantages in many industries including MEE (mechanical, electrical & electronic), automotive, agribusiness, apparel, clothing & footwear, and communication technologies. 

Country offers:

  • A dynamic and well-educated workforce
  • 9 international airports, 7 commercial ports and an oil terminal
  • 157 industrial zones
  • 10 sector specific techno-parks
  • 15 cyberparks dedicated to communication technologies

Main export products of Tunisia in 2019 are electrical machinery, apparel & clothing accessories, mineral fuels & oils, and footwear

Tunisia export graph

Advantages of Supplier Search in Tunisia with FMC Group

If you decided to search for suppliers in Tunisia, working with us can give you many advantages: 

  • Exploring all the players in the market fast & systematically ensuring that the best candidates are reached
  • Pre-qualifying the companies according to your selection criteria (production technologies, infrastructure, quality requirements, certificates etc.)  
  • Getting in contact with the pre-qualified alternative suppliers 
  • Searching any type of products – from commercial to technical – with our consultants that have engineering and other backgrounds
  • Providing cultural guidance and knowledge of the local markets to your sourcing process with our understanding of different business mentalities 
  • Being your trustable local partner, interpreting the hidden messages between the lines and provide you with local insight
  • Steering you through the complicated negotiation process in Tunisia
  • Locally present for you to provide any support that you might need at some point on your demand flexibly

Scope of Supplier Search in Tunisia

  • Fast understanding of your products, services, goals, and priorities with an efficient kick-off and create a team environment with you across borders
  • Refining pre-requirements for the right suppliers and setting the criteria clearly such as the required production technologies, machinery park, automations, production capacity, number of employees and engineers etc. 
  • Creating the long-list of potential suppliers for you in Tunisia matching the criteria
  • Contacting the long-listed companies to identify all the necessary information that needs to be known 
  • Evaluating all the companies to understand to what extend they meet the criteria and short-listing the suitable ones
  • Providing all the documents including the technical drawings, specifications, brochures to the short-listed companies to ask for quotations and delivery times
  • Negotiation of prices and conditions followed by our support for the production of samples
  • Organising the visits to the premises of the best potential suppliers and support you during the interviews to ascertain in-depth understanding
  • Any additional local support that you might need in the future in a very flexible way

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.