Cityscape with sunset view, Casablanca, Morocco

FMC Group in Morocco

FMC Group’s service portfolio in Morocco

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The Moroccon Market

  • A big market of 36 million people, 64% of the population under the age 34
  • 5th largest economy in Africa in terms of GDP PPP (2019)
  • A hub to reach 1.3 billion people in Africa and 201 million people in the North-Africa 
  • A production and export center for electrical machinery, motor vehicles, fertilizers (including phosphates), apparel and clothing accessories, chemicals, vegetables and fruits, seafood
  • An attractive market for imported mineral fuels and oil, machinery, motor vehicles, electrical machinery, plastics, aircraft and parts thereof, cereals, iron and steel
  • Trade agreements with the UAE, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, USA, and the EU
  • Several financial, tax and customs incentives
  • Cost competitive labor force

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