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Placement of Skilled Workers from Abroad

Germany is facing a major challenge: the shortage of skilled workers. Many companies are desperately looking for qualified specialists to fill their vacancies. This is where the FMC Group comes in and offers a tailor-made solution: the recruitment of skilled workers from abroad, especially from Turkey.

FMC Group is a German-owned group that supports customers in markets abroad. FMC Group was founded in 1999 in Istanbul and has 20+ years of recruitment experience in Turkey for international clients.

We can help you recruit all kinds of profiles, such as highly qualified engineers, IT specialists, nurses, or craftsmen who meet German standards and are willing to work in Germany. This includes the recruitment of international skilled workers to expand the pool of applicants and increase the chances of finding a suitable candidate.

Our comprehensive service includes selecting suitable candidates, verifying their qualifications, organizing German language courses, and supporting their immigration and integration into the German labor market.

Advantages of Placing Turkish Skilled Workers 

The placement of skilled workers from Turkey offers numerous advantages:

High Level of Qualification: Turkish skilled workers often possess a high level of education and professional training, making them well-equipped to meet the demands of various industries. Their qualifications are often on par with international standards, ensuring they can contribute effectively from day one. Additionally, the vocational training in Turkey is robust, providing workers with practical skills that are highly valued in the global job market.

Diverse Skill Set: Turkish professionals bring a diverse range of skills across multiple fields, including engineering, IT, healthcare, and construction. This diversity allows companies to fill a variety of roles with highly competent individuals. Turkish professionals are also highly qualified candidates, ensuring that they meet specific skill gaps and needs effectively.

Strong Work Ethic: Many Turkish workers are known for their strong work ethic and dedication to their jobs. This can lead to increased productivity and a positive impact on company culture.

Quick Adaptation and Integration: Turkish workers often demonstrate a strong ability to adapt and integrate into new working environments. Many are eager to learn and quickly pick up necessary language and technical skills to succeed in their roles.

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Our Service Offering

The recruitment process can be tailored to your needs. A typical process looks like the following:

  • Kick-off meeting with the client: Understanding the needs, defining candidate requirements and procedures

Attracting the Talent

  • Creating a job ad in English and Turkish
  • Screening own talent pipeline
  • Placing the job ad on different job portals and on our website
  • Creating social media ads in Turkish
  • Posting ads on different social media channels
  • Opening a communication channel (chat/hotline) to answer questions from the candidates

Selecting the Talent

  • Screening all incoming applications
  • Conducting an initial phone interview
  • Conducting joined video interviews together with the client for selected candidates (interpreter can be provided)
  • Organizing face-to-face (group-)interviews together with the client in Turkey

Supporting the Talent

  • Organizing language courses
  • Supporting the candidate during the visa process
  • Supporting the candidate to get recognition of foreign professional qualifications
  • Organizing cultural training for candidate
  • Organizing cultural training for client

German Language Courses

For many job profiles, it is essential that candidates have a certain knowledge of German. For some professions, it is even required to apply for a visa. Additionally, German knowledge is an important factor for a candidate’s successful integration. Language skills are particularly crucial for candidates planning to work on a long-term basis in Germany.

Finding a candidate who fits your requirements and already speaks German is theoretically possible. But in most cases, candidates do not yet possess the necessary language skills.

Therefore, we can arrange German language courses for the identified candidates in Turkey. Different learning methods are available and depending on the requirements, the courses can be fully or partially financed by the client (the remaining part is financed by the candidate).

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If your company wants to benefit from our service and is looking for qualified professionals from Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us. FMC Group is your reliable partner for the placement of skilled workers from Turkey and supports you in combating the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.