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Recruitment in Tunisia

Our search and selection services are aimed to achieve long-term cooperation between our clients and Tunisian applicants.

We have more than 20 years of expertise in finding applicants for both niche markets and general industries. We focus on all management positions at the middle and higher levels. Our recruiting team strives to select highly motivated applicants who have an international business mindset and local expertise.

We use individually tailored recruitment methods and instruments to ensure that the expectations of both our clients and applicants are met.

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Portrait of Imen Hamdi, Recruitment Manager Tunisia, FMC Group

Ms. Imen Hamdi

Recruitment Manager Tunisia

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Recruitment Scope

We set up personalized recruitment plans based on methods and tools specific to each request, always with the aim of better meeting our clients’ expectations.

Because we believe that behind every long-term cooperation lies a successful hiring process, we strongly rely on an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and business targets as well as the expectations and aspirations of our candidates.

Based on such an approach and thanks to our knowledge of the local Tunisian market, we guarantee our customers to select suitable candidates who have an international business mentality as well as a local expertise.

Advantages of Recruiting with FMC Group

We offer

  • long years of recruitment experience for international clients
  • in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs as well as the specificities of the local market
  • selection of reliable candidates with an international business mindset and a good cultural fit
  • not limited to preselecting candidates, we also offer you a consultancy service by working with you as your own local HR business partner
  • selecting candidates that are willing to establish long term co-operation with our clients

Our Recruitment Service Offering in in Tunisia

Job Description: Once our clients’ business goals are assessed, FMC Group drafts a job description and reworks on the profile selection criteria based on local understanding.

Advertisement: We prepare a job advertisement and publish it on online job portals or on professional social networks.

Database Search: FMC Group checks whether there are suitable candidates in the database and contacts them to check their interest in the position.

Direct Search / Headhunting: FMC Group carries out a direct search for candidates with profiles meeting the position’s the requirements.

Pre-Selection of Candidates: FMC Group selects applications based on the requirements of the position to be filled and carries out written and oral communications.

Face-to-Face Interviews: After selecting a list of suitable applications in line with the position’s requirements, FMC Group conducts direct interviews and shortlists the best fit candidates.

Reporting: Groupe FMC prepares a complete report on the selected candidates including their evaluations, resumes, and profiles.

Joint Interviews: We conduct joint interviews with our clients in order to assess the candidates previously selected in the delivered reports.

Reference Checks: FMC Group makes reference checks on the selected candidates by phone interviews.

Personality / Talent Assessment: FMC Group assesses the selected candidate and provides an individual report on the candidate’s skills and personality.

Contract Negotiations:  We provide support during contract negotiation until the employment of your selected candidate.

Remuneration Packages and Side Benefits for Employees

Although certain criteria play an important role in the choice of one job or another, such as social benefits, career development, working in a renowned company, working conditions, remuneration still remains at the top of the list when it comes to the reasons for leaving the current position in Tunisia.

The remuneration of workers of all categories is determined, either by direct agreement between the two parties, or through the industry’s corresponding “collective agreement”, of course in compliance with the guaranteed minimum wage.

Although salaries must be paid in legal tender in Tunisia, the negotiations can be made in another currency. Agreements are usually made on the monthly net salary. This amount must be indicated by the employer in the payslip starting from the first working month.

The annual salary is based on 12 monthly payments, however the “13th month” is something very common in Tunisia and in some sectors, we can even find bonuses related to the 14th salary and above.

The most common side benefits included in the remuneration packages in Tunisia are:

Company car – The company vehicle is a very common part of compensation strategies in Tunisia. Company cars are often intended for company executives, top management, and sales department employees. The car brand and range depend on the employee’s positions level.

Fuel costs – Whether offered jointly with the company car or not, fuel costs are often included in the managers compensation packages.

Meal vouchers – Considered as an alternative social benefit to the company restaurant, the meal voucher is provided by the majority of employers to their employees in order to allow them to pay all or part of the price of their meals included in the daily work schedule.

Private insurance – Almost all companies in Tunisia provide their staff with health insurance in order to motivate and retain their employees. This advantage is increasingly important for employees, mainly following deterioration and concerns encountered by the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM).

Mobile phone – Although in some sectors of activity mobile phones are still limited to sales departments, several companies are increasingly opting for mobile phones rather than landline phones, especially for positions that require travel or where it is important to stay reachable outside the office.

Working Hours in Tunisia

The actual working time cannot exceed 48 hours per week. This period can be reduced without being less than 40 hours.

In companies of all kinds, the working day must be cut off by one or more rest periods during which work is prohibited. These rests cannot have a total duration of less than one hour.

The hours worked beyond the duration of the weekly hours are considered as overtime and are remunerated according to different rates of increase.

Vacation Days for Employees in Tunisia

Every employee is entitled to one paid day off per month.

The duration of the leave requested may not exceed a period of 15 days including 12 working days.

After 5 years of service with the same employer, the employee is entitled to one additional working day per period.

For the sectors subject to the Labor Law, public holidays are 9 days:

  • 14th of January: Revolution Day
  • 20th of March: Independence Day
  • 1st of May: Labor Day
  • 25th of July: Republic Day
  • Mouled (religious fest): 1 day
  • Aid El Fitr (religious fest): 2 days
  • Aid El Idha (religious fest): 2 days

Notice Period for Employees and Probation Period

The employment contract in Tunisia can be concluded for a fixed or indefinite period.

The fixed-term employment contract duration should not exceed 4 years including renewals. After the expiry of this period, recruitment will be carried out on a permanent basis and without a trial period.

According to the “Collective Framework Agreement”, the length of the trial period can be set as follows:

  • 6 months for enforcement agents
  • 9 months for supervisors
  • 1 year for executives

The trial period can be renewed once.

A written notice to the other party is required at least one month prior to termination. A longer notice period can also be provided and varies between one and three months.

Workers are allowed to be absent for the entire second half of the notice period to allow them to seek other employment.

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.