Cityscape with skyscrapers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

FMC Group in the UAE

FMC Group’s service portfolio in the UAE

The UAE Market

  • A hub for the GCC (56 million people) and the Middle East (358 million people) regions
  • 5th largest economy in the Middle East in terms of GDP PPP (2019)
  • Attractive market with a high GDP per capita (USD 37,750 in 2019)
  • A major source of oil & gas, and a big market for imported machinery, motor vehicles and plastics.
  • Economy is no longer reliant on oil only. There are opportunities for trade, services & finance sectors, tourism with modern architecture, entertainment and dining venues, traditional markets, shopping centers and sporting events.
  • Customs Union for GCC States, FTAs with EFTA and Singapore
  • Incentives in free zones

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