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Business Partner / Distributor Search in Tunisia

A major success factor in a new market like Tunisia is having the right local partners. We have 20+ years of experience in distributor / business partner / importer search in emerging markets helping hundreds of companies from diverse sectors to establish long-term and win-to-win partnerships.  

Everyone needs business partners for different reasons, for example distributors covering all targeted regions of the country, partners with the required licences to bid in local tenders, sales agents with good access & relationship with the major customers, service & maintenance providers, JV partners or simply distributors to handle the logistics & collection.  No matter which set-up is required, we understand your priorities and speak your language. 

Isn’t it too risky to establish a partnership with one of the first companies that you met? Don’t you find it expensive to evaluate and test the companies when they already started representing you in the local markets? We can help you to find the best possible company to your business & needs by systematically screening the whole market in your sector. We understand all angles, the technical & business requirements but also the local dynamics, different business mentalities and motivation of the distributors. We are bridging the gap between you & your local partners by helping you to overcome the cultural differences or any language barriers that might exist. 

We are supporting our clients beyond the partner search phase throughout your cooperation, continuously or on demand. 

Our employee leasing service can provide you the additional support that you might need to manage your local distributors and key customers. For example, there can be your own business development manager in Tunisia without registering your own local subsidiary.

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Scope of Business Partner / Distributor Search in Tunisia

  • Based on your ideal business partner profile criteria, we provide a systematic search of possible candidates through our own database and by desk research. This is the initial phase that we make the long-list
  • We conduct interviews with potential key customers to have direct feedback and recommendations regarding the local players and update the long-list accordingly
  • We come with a short-list of the best candidates by prequalifying all long-listed companies according to your criteria and with our own local insight 
  • Using a well-structured questionnaire, we interview these suitable candidates and further evaluate each of them
  • We deliver all the findings with a clean-cut and informative report covering the complete overview of all companies, insight about the short-listed candidates, all interviews and brief market information
  • Then comes the market visit for your face-to-face meetings. We make the schedule, organize your visit, and attend all the meetings together with you to provide support and consultancy
  • Most critical input that we provide is brainstorming together on your distributor set-up and the strategic advice 
  • We can provide further reference checks
  • Even after the business partner search, we are locally available for you for any kind of continuous or on-demand support

Advantages of a Business Partner Search in Tunisia with FMC Group

  • In-depth understanding of your business, products, goals, and needs very quickly. You can look into markets in Tunisia as if you have your own eyes there 
  • Systematic search, evaluation, and selection of all alternative companies available in the Tunisian market to make sure that the best fitting ones are reached
  • Looking for partners active in the complementary business fields that matches to your own products / services to create the perfect synergy
  • Being aware of the local dynamics and markets
  • Cultural guidance as we understand different business mentalities 
  • Collection of up-to-date market information by interviews with key customers and the local companies

Business Culture in Tunisia

Tunisia is a unique interpretation of Arab / Muslim, Mediterranean and French Cultures. There are specific cultural characteristics of the country that must be taken into consideration in establishing successful business relationships.   

  • Communication is indirect and non-confrontational 
  • Personal relationships and establishing trust are important in business. A network of business acquaintances are important gate openers  
  • Small talk is recommended before diving into any negotiations
  • Hierarchy is strong. Decisions are made from the top down and the process is usually time-consuming
  • More formal and courteous work culture. Titles could be important in Tunisia, especially when addressing a high-ranking manager in a traditional company
  • Tunisians are proficient in French however not necessarily in English. It is advisable to give business cards that are in French and/or Arabic on at least one side
  • Better to avoid meetings in July & August for high holiday season & heat if possible. The month of Ramadan also must be taken into consideration
  • Foreigners are expected to arrive at meetings on time however could be kept waiting. Expect a more relaxed meeting agenda with possible interruptions

A Client Example for Distributor Search in Morocco & Tunisia

Client Situation: Providing highly innovative technological solutions in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and aesthetics fields, our client wanted to expand to North Africa and was looking for distributors in Morocco and Tunisia. We aimed to understand the best set-up in their sector to serve the whole target markets and bring our client together with the best candidates  

Project scope:  Project managed by the head of our competence centre located in Istanbul that our customer benefits from one continuous point of contact & same high-quality service in all markets. Research and other local works are handled in parallel by one local consultant in each country. All the progress & outcome are monitored by the head and the client was updated regularly throughout the project.  

Project started by desk research to understand the market conditions, direct competition & their local organizations and available candidates in Morocco & Tunisia. Recommendations from the key customer interviews are also included in the long-lists where “not recommended” companies are also marked. After the feedback of our client, we contacted all the long-listed companies, learned the necessary information, and identified their interests. We prequalified these companies and came up with the shortlist of best candidates.

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.