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Business Partner / Distributor Search in Dubai - UAE

Finding the right local partner in Dubai and UAE is a key factor to be successful in the GCC region. With our extensive experience in business partner / distributor / importer search over a wide range of different sectors, we can help you to locate the best partner for you in the UAE. We are here to help you if you need:

  • A network of distributors for different Emirates 
  • Distributors with the required licences to enter local tenders
  • Sales agents with good relationships and access to the major customer
  • Companies that can also provide service & maintenance 
  • JV partners 
  • Partners to handle the logistics and eases the collection 

Establishing a partnership with the first alternative company and taking the risk of hoping that it will be successful is quite an expensive market entry trial. We systematically screen all the players in your sector and find the best possible fit to your business & goals. We aim to create a win-to-win situation by paying attention to technical aspects, business requirements, local dynamics, different business mentalities and motivation of the distributors. We are bridging the gap between you & your local partners to overcome the cultural differences and language barriers. 

We continue to support our clients after the partner search throughout their cooperation either continuously or on demand. 

Furthermore, we can support you with our employee leasing service to have your own employees without having your own local subsidiary; for example, to manage your local distributor network with your own business development manager.

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Scope of Business Partner / Distributor Search in UAE

  • Creating the long-list by systematic search of possible candidates according to your ideal business partner criteria through our own database and with desk research
  • Potential key customer interviews to understand their needs and receive recommendations & feedback about the local players
  • Creating the short-list of the best fitting candidates by prequalification of all long-listed companies
  • Conducting interviews with the best candidates by a well-organized questionnaire and further evaluation from all angles based on our experience
  • Reporting the overview of long-listed companies, details of the short-listed best candidates, all interviews and brief market information
  • Preparing your market visit schedule for the in-depth face-to-face meetings
  • Accompanying all the meetings together to support you, provide insight & consultancy
  • Brainstorming and strategic advice on your distributor preference & the set-up 
  • Reference checks
  • Continuous support also after the business partner search 

Advantages of a Business Partner Search in UAE with FMC Group

  • Looking into the markets as if you have your own eyes in the UAE by fully understanding your business, products, goals, and needs 
  • Systematic search of all available companies and carefully evaluating each one to make sure that the best candidates are located 
  • Aiming to create a perfect synergy by looking for partners in business fields that will compliment your own products / services 
  • Local knowledge and cultural guidance by understanding different business mentalities 
  • Learning market information and key facts by key customers interviews as well as interviews with the candidates

Business Culture in the UAE

UAE offers a unique combination of expat culture living in harmony with the Muslim Arab culture in the region. it is essential to understand and respect the specific characteristics of your local business partners.

  • With more than 80% expatriates, UAE has a cosmopolitan and tolerant culture in the Middle East. Expatriates are top and middle-range professionals but there are also foreign immigrants that are low-paid low-skilled workers, mainly from Asia  
  • Nationals have different social classes (ruling Sheikhly families, merchant class, new middle class, and low-income groups) however in general, Islam regulates the laws as well as attitudes in the Country
  • Many social customs are similar throughout the Gulf Arab countries
  • International business culture & practices are applied amongst the international companies
  • Hierarchy is highly vertical with paternalistic bosses who are the decisionmakers. Respect and courtesy to the elders are important. Private and professional lives are not clearly separated 
  • Communication is in-direct. Personal relationships and establishing trust are highly important which takes time
  • Verbal communication, face-to-face discussions and negotiations are common 
  • Gifts could be appreciated but not a must 
  • Official weekend in the UAE is Friday and Saturday. Working days are Sunday-Thursday
  • Muslims 5-times a day praying should be considered for meeting times as well as the month of Ramadan

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.