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Import & Distribution in Turkey

We are providing import & distribution services in Turkey to enable a smooth, hassle-free, and competitive distribution.  We run the daily business on your behalf for all your import & distribution needs, including order processing, invoicing, and warehousing. It is more efficient to bundle orders to fewer/scheduled imports instead of making a separate import for each small order. Our clients minimize their costs, accelerate their speed, and become more reliable in the market.

Import & distribution of your products in Turkey can be quite challenging.  Small distributors and end-users do not prefer to import themselves because the import procedures can be complicated, time-consuming and require experience. To control and follow up lots of documents need focus and concentration due to tight regulations. Instead of wasting time and dedicate human resources for that, we provide door to door service; from picking up the commercial goods at your factory up to the delivery to your subsidiary, distributors, or end customers. We handle shipments through any seaport, airport, free zone, and bonded area customs in Turkey. We provide our clients with access to strategically located import and export distribution centres to improve their supply chain solutions.

You may also benefit from our stock management and warehousing service. We apply best-in-class warehousing tools and systems to optimise import and export distribution centre infrastructure, product flow, and the organisation of resources, based on the incoming order.

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Advantages of Import & Distribution with FMC Group in Turkey

  • Clients in Turkey mostly prefer door to door service handled by the supplier. This is smoothly handled by FMC Group. 
  • Transparent processes with SAP Business One
  • Saving staff costs with outsourcing your logistics business
  • Fast and on time delivery to your clients in Turkey that can be scattered around the country
  • Easy entry to the market without wasting time to understand the complex customs regulations
  • Fast customs clearance to minimize bonded area storage fees 
  • Having local personal to communicate with local government offices and local clients
  • Cost saving with using our global freight network account
  • Instead of sending the goods to each client separately, consolidation with our service is a better solution

Scope of Import & Distribution Service including Warehousing Option

  • Door to door service: Organising pick up / delivery service from your factory, making custom clearance (the full import process) in Turkey, and following up the delivery to your clients
  • Consolidation of orders
  • Checking all import documents before dispatch, reporting missing/wrong contents, and enable you to make necessary changes
  • Receiving of goods, storage, and order preparation
  • Local delivery to your clients
  • Inventory Management in SAP Business One
  • Issuing invoices and delivery notes
  • Reporting of each delivery
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Customs Regulations & Process in Turkey

Customs regulations in Turkey can be complicated, not as easy as EU. Furthermore, sudden changes to legislation and regulations as well as tariff codes and duty rates without warning and consultation can occur. The rules and regulations are also subject to be interpreted by border officials at the time of actual import. Therefore, it is highly suggested that before the actual import starts, the 12-digit HS Codes for each item to be imported should be confirmed and latest import requirements & liabilities should be checked again. 

Based on our experience, we would like to summarize the whole import process as below: 

  • Locating the correct importer partner in Turkey
  • Determining the correct Harmonized System Code (HS Code) of the product
  • Understanding whether there are any bans, permissions, quotas, or specialized customs etc. together with understanding the related up-to-date legislation, tariff and all other requirements that might exist
  • Customs Clearance in Turkey & Documents Required: Turkey customs mostly require below documents for customs clearance however they can change according to the tariff codes: 
    • ATR/ certificate of origin
    • EUR 1
    • Packing list
    • Analysis report / certificate of analysis: Your products can be subject to tests/analysis at the customs so that all submitted test reports must exactly be in line with the regulations.
    • Other additional documentation if required

Client Examples for Import & Distribution

Client situation: A global Germany based company in packaging machine sector wanted to distribute their spare parts directly to their customers through FMC Group import & distribution service. Main reason was their customers’ not preferring to import individually themselves. Our client did not have a distributor or subsidiary in Turkey to handle this operation and needed a smart solution.

Project scope: Export of the goods directly to FMC Group. FMC Group took over all import, warehousing & distribution business in Turkey. 

Result: The company had a very good channel to improve their business in Turkey and had great customer satisfaction already for many years.


Client situation: A global Belgium based company in health sector wanted to distribute their devices and spare parts directly to their customers. The contract with their distributor in Turkey has been cancelled and they preferred using import & distribution service of FMC Group as an alternative.

Project scope: All import, distribution & warehousing to their customers which are state & private hospitals in Turkey. 

Result: Offered a very creative and fast solution which kept their end-customers very satisfied for 5 years. Fast exit when their contract has been cancelled by the State.

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.