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Lead Generation in Turkey, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt

The first step to fill the sales channel is the most time-consuming: To research potential customers, identify the right contact person and establish the initial contact. Your sales team has a lot to accomplish every day. You can outsource this first step to us so that your sales team can focus on the existing customers, warm up the relationships, solve any problems that might come up, and share offers & information.

We provide qualified leads for your sales team. With our systematic approach to identify, contact, evaluate your potential customers frequently & periodically, you have our local support to increase efficiency, productivity and turnover.

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Portrait of Berna Gurleyen, Head of Competence Centre-Research Services at FMC Group

Ms. Berna Y. Gurleyen

Head of Competence Centre-Research Services

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Scope of Lead Generation in Emerging Markets

  • Setting the target customer profiles 
  • Selecting together which companies should be prioritized and which companies should not be contacted at all 
  • Identifying the right contact person
  • Conducting phone interviews to find out insights such as:
  • Current products / technologies / services that potential customers use
  • Current suppliers
  • Satisfaction / unmet needs
  • Introduction of your company, products & supplying brochures
  • Evaluating their interests and willingness to meet
  • Connecting your sales team & arranging appointments
Lead Generation approach

Advantages of Lead Generation by FMC Group

  • No cold calls for your sales team, qualified leads are delivered
  • We create interest into your products & services and introduce your company directly to your target audience 
  • Scanning all companies in an entire target sector systematically
  • Working closely together with your sales team as their back-office support
  • More than 20 years of research experience
  • Speaking the same language of the local customers, understanding what they really mean
  • Understanding local dynamics and daily needs of your customers