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Location Search in Emerging Markets

If you are looking for an office, factory, warehouse, or any other specific location for your current business or a greenfield investment in Turkey, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, or Egypt, we can support you with our location search service.

We start with fully understanding your expectations and needs in these countries. Accordingly, we conduct desk research and phone calls with brokers based on the requirements provided by you, such as:

  • • accessibility by truck for receiving freight
    • accessibility by cargo companies to send out the goods
    • accessibility by the employees by public transport
    • size of office and warehouse
  • necessary infrastructure

We identify suitable properties and gather information about the details such as costs, extras, conditions, demand for renovation, traffic connection, etc. We report all the information, photos of the locations and our recommendations in a clear and structured format.

After reviewing the report, we can visit the selected locations. Another benefit that we provide is supporting our clients through the price negotiations with the owners/brokers of the favorite premises. We can continue our support for any follow-up work required.

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Scope of Location Search in Emerging Markets

  • Kick-off and understanding the key requirements
  • Finding possible venues
  • Location reports including recommendations
  • Site visits
  • Price negotiations
  • Support for renovation and furnishing
  • Any other needs

Advantages of a Location Search with FMC Group

  • Knowing the country, the traffic, locations, prices, and country specific peculiarities
  • Objective and independent party considering benefits for our clients
  • Experienced local project managers evaluating all aspects of the venues 
  • Good communication with all stakeholders
  • Support during the negotiations
  • Available in the future for any possible flexible hourly support

A Client Example for Location Search

Client Situation: A leading global manufacturer in the medical industry aimed to use Turkey as a manufacturing base and looking for the right location for their investment

Project scope: We first conducted a feasibility study, looking at the market conditions, competitor activities, potential suppliers, set-up costs and potential sales opportunities in Turkey. 

With the advantage of knowing the client and the market conditions very well with this feasibility study, we continued our support with the location search. After identifying and recommending suitable locations, we assisted with appointing contractors such as architects, engineering and construction companies. 

Result: The subsidiary of our client is now a successful multi-million dollar Turkish enterprise with a local staff of more than 300. We continued our support with further financial administration and recruitment services.