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Location Search in Emerging Markets

company logo of FMC ServicesIf you are looking for an office, venue, factory, Greenfield, warehouses or any other specific location for your business in Turkey, UAE, Tunisia or Morocco, we can support with our location search services.

We talk and discuss with you in order to understand your expectations and needs in these countries in the initial phase. Accordingly, we conduct desk research and phone calls with brokers based on the requirements provided by you, such as:

• accessibility by truck, receiving freight and employees,
• and / or accessibility by cargo companies to send out the goods,
• and / or accessibility by the employees by public transport,
• size of office and warehouse.

We carry out office visits for the suitable properties and gather information about costs, extras, condition, demand for renovation, traffic connection, etc. Following this, a report is prepared including all the information, photos of the locations and recommendations.

Furthermore, we can also visit the locations selected by them based on the report and any other additional locations that they require. In addition to this, we can support our clients on price negotiations with the owners/brokers of the favourite offices and warehouses.


Location Search

  • Venue finding
  • Location reports including recommendations
  • Support for renovation and furnishing


  • Research
  • Report
  • Visits
  • Price negotiations


  • We know the country, the traffic, locations, prices and country specific peculiarities

Case Study

Client Situation: Client A is a world leading manufacturer in the medical industry. Company A had heard that Turkey was being used by competitors as a manufacturing base and so their interest was peaked.

Project scope: FMC Group were asked to conduct a feasibility study, looking at the market conditions, competitor activities, potential suppliers, set-up costs and potential sales opportunities in Turkey.

FMC Group compiled a detailed report after conducting interviews with market experts in related sectors, investigating competitor activities and identifying potential partners. FMC Group made recommendations as to the best approach to entering the Turkish market.

Upon further deliberations, Company A decided to establish manufacturing facilities in Turkey. FMC Group was asked to identify and recommend suitable locations and assist with appointing contractors such as architects and builders. Initially, FMC Group provided extensive business administration services to facilitate the growth of the company in those early stages. We established the Turkish company, and provided a range of financial administration, recruitment, and human resource services to enable senior management to remain at global headquarters and focus on existing business whilst the Turkish operation developed at an organic pace.

Result: Company A is now a successful multi-million dollar Turkish enterprise with a staff of more than 200.