Unlocking Growth: The Advantages of Tailored Market Research

Unlocking Growth

In the dynamic landscape of business, understanding your market is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Often, the responsibility of comprehending markets falls under the umbrella of sales and management functions within a company. Export managers embark on extensive market research for new entries, while business development managers craft presentations loaded with facts and figures to map out potential sectors. The question then arises: if in-house market research is feasible, why invest in a custom-made project from a professional consultancy firm? Is it worth the budget, especially considering the perceived expense of consultants?

The Need for Professional Support:

In reality, the business world is a bustling arena, resembling a daily competition where numerous tasks demand immediate attention. Amidst this chaos, ideas and opportunities may linger on your to-do list, often forgotten or postponed. Worse yet, competitors might outpace you, seizing success in unexplored territories. This is where the support of professionals becomes invaluable. Consider this – what if you could tap into the expertise of a consultancy firm specializing in desk research, stakeholder interviews, data analysis, and reporting? Here’s where dedication and experience become differentiating factors.

Efficiency and Expertise:

Professional firms efficiently handle time-consuming tasks, including reaching the right respondents through local researchers. The benefit extends to avoiding cultural barriers during data collection and ensuring accurate analysis tailored to the nuances of local markets, especially crucial when dealing with language and mentality differences in foreign markets.

The Effectiveness of Custom-Made Research:

A custom-made research project proves highly effective. It not only provides the precise market data you need but also furnishes a roadmap, diverse scenarios, SWOT analysis, and more – everything necessary for your subsequent steps in that market. So, it’s not just about ordering market research; it’s about defining what you’re gaining with the project.

Ordering Growth Tools:

Instead of asking, “Why should I order that market research?” consider the more pertinent question: “What am I ordering with a market research project?” It’s not just about data; it’s about buying time to focus on core tasks, securing straightforward answers to specific questions, and acquiring a professionally managed project that evaluates from all angles, managing risks effectively. In the end, it’s about gaining a local partner for brainstorming, challenging ideas, and providing flexible support whenever needed. Essentially, you’re ordering a powerful tool to fast-forward your business growth. You can read more about our market research offering here.

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Berna is the Head of Competence Center – Research Services.

She joined FMC Group more than 14 years ago and supported various international companies for their market research, partner search, lead generation, opportunity screening, and market visit projects. She has been managing the market research department and international projects since 2011.

Before joining FMC Group, Berna started her career as Key Account Manager at Beiersdorf – tesa Turkey. After that, she fulfilled different business development and market research positions in the USA, the UK, and Turkey.

Berna studied Global Business and Management at the University of California Santa Barbara, USA, and holds an M.Sc. & B.SC. in Chemical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. She is fluent in English and Turkish.

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Head of Competence Centre-Research Services

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