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Employee Leasing in Morocco

Morocco has an attractive local market with easy access to West African countries and located very close to Europe. To get the most out of this hub, having a local team is very beneficial. You can develop your business in the region with your own team but without having your local entity by using our employee leasing service. 

It is a fast, hassle-free, and flexible way to promote your services & products in the market together with your own employees according to your own strategy. You will be totally focusing on your business while we take care of all the long and complex administrative issues and local requirements. It is always possible to exit the market whenever you see it necessary.

Our clients are very satisfied with this service and are having very good results especially for sales, business development, distributor management and service & maintenance.

Our service is called “Employee Leasing”, it also may be known as outstaffing, temping, employment outsourcing or employer of record (EOR).

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Portrait of Imen Hamdi, Recruitment Manager Tunisia, FMC Group

Ms. Imen Hamdi

Recruitment Manager Tunisia

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Advantages of Employee Leasing with FMC Group in Morocco

  • Simple, flexible, and fast entry to the Moroccan and the francophone African market.
  • Full visibility and control of market growth with your own employees according to your own strategy
  • A good perspective for building and managing a network of distributors and major accounts 
  • Our clients are totally focused with their team on the real business, while FMC Group takes care of the long and complex local administrative tasks
  • If required, exit from the market is possible and easy with this model
  • Your local employees are not left alone in Morocco. They will benefit from integration into our team with motivation and involvement meetings as well as organized team events
  • Provision of a professional environment

Scope of Employee Leasing / Outstaffing Services

  • Search and selection of personnel according to the specific requirements of the client by the human resources specialists of FMC Group in Morocco. The employment of already selected candidates is also possible
  • Negotiation and conclusion of employment contract with the employee
  • The recruitment and employment of the employee is carried out by the local company of FMC Group
  • Payment of the social security and taxes in accordance with Moroccan law and managing payroll accounting professionally according to international standards
  • After your approval, travel costs, other expenses and allowances are controlled & paid
  • Tracking leave entitlements with your approval
  • Negotiation of leasing and rental contracts in case of company car provision 
  • Negotiation and implementation of private health insurance (optional)
  • Supplying a complete IT infrastructure & mail service: laptop, landline phone (incl. installation), mobile phone, mobile phone subscription including internet
  • Implementation of meal vouchers system for meal allowances
  • Assistance with visa application procedures, as well as the booking of flights through our travel agency
  • You can start with your internal training in your headquarters with the selected employees and completely focus on your business
  • The employee is integrated through standardized processes and guidelines as well as regular feedback meetings
  • Continuous and regular contact with our customers especially regarding the employee management in Morocco

Management and Reporting Flow Chart

Management & Reporting Flow of Employee Leasing/Outstaffing Services

Management and Reporting Flow Chart

Why It is Interesting to Enter the Moroccan Market

Morocco is an essential country for investment in Africa thanks to its geographical location and its proximity to both Europe and South Africa.

Located in the north-west, it is considered as an access point to the African market that represents 177 million French-speaking people.

Preserving strong and stable macroeconomic balances has always been a major focus of the Moroccan government. With its economic dynamism and diversity, the country offers promising perspectives in many sectors, as well as advantageous salary and tax conditions.

Morocco has set up an incentive legal framework through the conclusion of free trade agreements either bilaterally or regionally with more than 55 countries as well as the various financial, tax and customs advantages.

Morocco has a world-class infrastructure ranked among the best in Africa, especially with the Tangier Med port, the largest port in Africa, and the first high-speed train in Africa connecting Tangier – Casablanca.

Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca is the largest airport in Morocco. It is considered as an international air hub to and from Central & West Africa connecting 115 destinations in 53 countries. In addition, Morocco has set up an open sky policy with 17 international airports.

map of Morocco airport

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.