Power of Strategic Insight: How to Design a Successful Market Research Project in Turkey

Market Research Project in Turkey

Since our establishment in 1999, our mission at FMC Group has been clear – decoding the complexities of foreign markets for businesses around the world. Each day, we receive research requests from a diverse global clientele, all with a common goal: a drive for understanding and navigating foreign markets. In this blog post, we’re offering guidance on designing a successful market research project and shedding light on how tailored services can be the key to unlocking your business’s potential in complex markets like Turkey.

Start by Asking the Right Questions:

At the heart of what we do is a simple yet powerful concept – detailing all the information that you “must have” and “good to have” about the market that you are targeting. You can come up with a list of questions. Do not forget to highlight what you would like to achieve, your goal in the end because there might be an easier way to reach there in Turkey! Following this, comes the help of the local insight. Together, we can design the best way to address those questions to reach your goal. A successful research project should plan at least the availability of desk research within your sector, identify the pertinent market experts and key players to engage with, and establish a timeline aligning with the major project milestones. Whether you’re grappling with customs regulations or seeking insights on the untapped potential of your product in a specific market, we’ve got you covered. From straightforward queries to complex strategic planning, we provide support from the research phase to crafting a compelling PowerPoint presentation in your preferred format. However, it all begins with aligning your business knowledge with our local understanding and making a real Team effort from the start.

A Comprehensive Approach:

In Turkey, don’t just stop at the surface, deep dive into markets, sectors, industries, and even the most niche segments. Confirm the findings. Acquire the point of view from all angles. The approach should go beyond desk research, incorporating in-depth interviews with industry experts and active players. The ability to identify and access the decision-makers is a talent that we have developed over the years based on trust. By understanding market dynamics, reliable facts, and up-to-date information on market segments, a comprehensive view that empowers your strategic planning can be reached.

Understanding the Current Competitive Landscape:

Market intelligence is not just about facts and figures; it’s about understanding the whole competitive environment. Market dynamics can change very fast, especially in Turkey, and it is vital to access current and up-to-date information fast. An independent and neutral eye can also provide transparency. Such intelligence can become the cornerstone of your strategic planning, giving you a competitive edge in developing and growing your business.
Tailored Solutions for Success:
Think of our services as pieces of a puzzle. Together, we can create a tailored combination specific to your unique needs. Whether you operate in B2B or industrial segments, our extensive experience in Turkey and also other countries in the Middle East & North Africa positions us as your strategic partner for global success.

Take the Next Steps with Us:

If you’re ready to take your business to new heights, we’re here to guide you. Our involvement doesn’t end with providing insights; we offer a roadmap and flexible support during the implementation phase. Direct any questions or inquiries to me at b.gurleyen@fmcgroup.com. Your journey to global success begins here – let’s find the right combination for your business puzzle.

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Berna is the Head of Competence Center – Research Services.

She joined FMC Group more than 14 years ago and supported various international companies for their market research, partner search, lead generation, opportunity screening, and market visit projects. She has been managing the market research department and international projects since 2011.

Before joining FMC Group, Berna started her career as Key Account Manager at Beiersdorf – tesa Turkey. After that, she fulfilled different business development and market research positions in the USA, the UK, and Turkey.

Berna studied Global Business and Management at the University of California Santa Barbara, USA, and holds an M.Sc. & B.SC. in Chemical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. She is fluent in English and Turkish.

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