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Employee Leasing / Outstaffing in Istanbul and Turkey

For developing your business in a market, having your own employees is an important success factor. With our 20+ years of experience in Turkey, we offer a solution to have your own employees without your own local entity. Our clients are having very good results especially for sales, business development, distributor management and service & maintenance.  

Employee leasing is a flexible, fast, and hassle-free solution. If your business is big enough, you can transfer it to your own subsidiary. In case you need to exit, it is a fast solution. Our clients and their local employees can fully concentrate on the core business, without any distractions through administrative works and local requirements. 

We call it employee leasing, but this service is also known as outstaffing, temping, or employment outsourcing. 


Advantages of Employee Leasing with FMC Group in Turkey

  • A fast, flexible, and easy market entry 
  • Complete control of market development with your own employees following your own strategy 
  • A strong option to build up and manage a distributor network and key accounts
  • ‘Leased’ employees offer a strong & flexible alternative to distributors & local subsidiaries especially if combined with our import & distribution services.
  • With 20+ years of recruitment experience in Turkey for international clients, we find your successful local team with a good cultural fit 
  • Rather than having to deal with time-consuming and complex local administrative tasks, our clients and local employees can focus on their actual business 
  • Transition to your own subsidiary after having enough local experience is possible with the same team. Company registration and financial services can be handled by FMC Services
  • This model allows an easy market exit if necessary
  • Your local employees are not left alone in Turkey. We integrate them into our team with motivational meetings and organized team events
  • Provision of a professional business environment with a class-A office (optional)
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Head of Employee Leasing and Supply Chain

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Scope of Employee Leasing / Outstaffing Services

  • Client-specific personnel search & selection through FMC Human Resources specialists in Istanbul. Also, employment of already chosen candidates is possible.  
  • Negotiation and conclusion of employment contract with the employee
  • The employee is recruited and employed by the local company of FMC Group
  • Payment of social security and taxes according to Turkish laws, payroll accounting is handled professionally according to international standards 
  • Controlling and settlement of travel & other expenses and allowance claims, after your approval
  • Keeping track of leave entitlements, including special statutory leaves, after your approval
  • Provision of company car, negotiation of car leasing & contract and Shell petrol station & highway toll account settlement (automatic system with monthly invoicing)
  • Negotiation and provision of private health insurance (optional),
  • Supplying laptop, landline phone (incl. installation), mobile phone, mobile phone subscription including internet
  • Providing lunch ticket system with monthly loading of the tax-free meal allowances, lunch is normally offered to the employees in Turkey   
  • Assistance with visa applications and applications for international health insurance
  • Booking of flights through our travel agency, billing to us
  • Mail service
  • You can start directly internal trainings in your headquarters with the selected employees and can concentrate on the business
  • The employee is integrated into an established company with standardized processes and guidelines
  • Regular feedback meeting with the employee 
  • Regular feedback phone calls with the client, intercultural consultancy, particularly regarding employee management in Turkey
  • Office (optional), please see the section below

Management and Reporting Flow Chart

Management and Reporting Flow Chart

Office for Employee Leasing in Turkey (optional)

  • Workstation in A-class business tower “Brandium” in Atasehir (on the Asian side of Istanbul), in an open-plan office on the 27th floor. Alternatively, an office in our headquarter on the European side of Istanbul is also possible
  • Underground parking in our Asian office for employees and visitors. Good accessibility, 5 minutes from TEM motorway (to 2nd Istanbul airport), 5 minutes from Bosporus Bridge access road
  • Possibility to use meeting rooms, two are available in each office up to 8 – 10 persons
  • Internet access (fast fiber-optic connection in the Asian office, VDSL in the European office)
  • Phone line connected to our switchboard, with separate phone numbers (numbers can be retained for future use, multiple numbers possible)
  • Including coffee, tea, drinking water, and use of kitchen, if required
  • Heating and air-conditioning for all rooms (individually)
  • Office cleaning service
  • Asian office is in 5 minutes walking distance from Brandium Shopping Mall with all shopping facilities and restaurants, 10 minutes walking distance from Hotel Silence Istanbul
  • European office is 7 minutes’ drive from Haciosman metro station and near to Maslak business district. Nicely located near the Bosporus in a quiet neighborhood.   

Our Asian Office

FMC Group Asian office

Our European Office

fmc group european office

Why it is Interesting to Enter the Turkish Market

The Turkish market with its 83 million inhabitants, its proximity to Western Europe, and a customs union with the European Union is an attractive market to sell products and services.

  • The Turkish Market is the 13th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP PPP (2019)
  • 58,000 international companies located in Turkey
  • Accessibility to 1.4 billion potential clients in 56 countries with less than 4 hours of flight.
Geo location of Turkey
  • With 2 Airports, Istanbul is a great hub in the region:
    • Istanbul Airport (IST) is on the European side of the city and has flights to 146 destinations connecting 120+ countries, 60+ capitals, 250+ international & 50 domestic destinations. When the airport is put into operation in full capacity, the number of flight destinations will exceed 350.
    • Sabiha Gokcen (SAW), located on the Asian side, is a fast-growing airport where 54 airlines offer direct flights to 41 domestic and 127 international destinations.
  • 21 different customs gates are available for exports/imports with near countries.
İstanbul airports and routes

Client Examples for Employee Leasing / Outstaffing

Client situation: A global UK based Company in medical sector decided to start up their own operation in Turkey to manage their local distributor without forming their own legal entity. 

Project scope: Recruitment of a Country Manager through FMC Human Resources, hired by FMC Group with the employee leasing service.

Result: Within the first year, their business grew, and they decided to hire 2 additional employees. After 4 years, they decided to hire 3 additional employees and form their own company. FMC Human Resources recruited the complete team.


Client situation: Worldwide supplier of the construction industry decided to manage their distributors and key accounts with their own employee in Turkey. They decided for our employee leasing service for an easy entry and operation.    

Project scope: Recruitment of a Country Manager through FMC Human Resources, hired by FMC Group in 2012 with the employee leasing service. To enlarge and stabilize the business, they decided in addition for our import & distribution service. 

Result: They are still using the same set-up with FMC Group despite the challenges that the Turkish construction industry has been going through.  


Client situation: A global healthcare company decided to split from their Turkish distributor. They were looking for a solution to hire the already existing team of 9 people to take over the local stock and handle the complete operation in Turkey in including maintenance & service.  

Project scope: Employee leasing for 9 people including office and a small warehouse. Import & distribution management, operations, and maintenance & service by FMC group. 

Result: FMC Group managed the complete business smoothly from the first day.

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.