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Customer Satisfaction / Image Analysis in Turkey, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt

The difference between ‘satisfied customers’ and ‘very satisfied customers’ can make a huge difference in your profits. Are you sure that you are reaching to your full potential? How can you excel your business? 

As a neutral & independent party, we can talk to your current customers, potential  customers, lost customers and any other stakeholder to understand their point of view e.g.:

  • Perception of the brand, subsidiary, and product
  • Sales approach   
  • Service quality and speed
  • Pricing
  • Handling of conflicts 
  • Overall satisfaction level
  • Complaints or problems 
  • Improvement areas

FMC Group gathers the input from your customers, and evaluates their satisfaction with precision.

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Portrait of Berna Gurleyen, Head of Competence Centre-Research Services at FMC Group

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Head of Competence Centre-Research Services

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Advantages of Image Analysis with FMC Group

  • Local to local approach: Our consultants speak the same language and understand the local business culture
  • We work with international clients for more than 20 years and fully understand their needs
  • Present independent view of the real local situation
  • We conduct high-quality interviews by experienced consultants
  • Customers perceives this very positively as they feel their opinion valued. It is showing them your strong commitment to the market
  • Push to your local sales and marketing


  • Kick-off meeting to understand the starting point and targets
  • Meeting local teams – if necessary
  • Detailed project planning 
  • Design of questionnaire
  • Selection of interviewees – current customers, potential customers, lost customers
  • Interviews by phone / video / personal meetings
  • Regular updates to the client
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Deriving suggestions how to improve the local operations
  • Feedback meeting with the client 

Client Example

Client situation: Our client, a European producer of drive technology with its own subsidiary in Turkey, was considering setting up a new assembly factory in the country. However, they were not satisfied with the local revenue believing that the market was much bigger. They wanted to understand the reasons behind and improvement areas. Furthermore, they wanted to understand the image of their brand in Turkey.

Project Scope: Our client had 200 – 300 potential customers in total in Turkey where 100 of them were A level.  A longlist of current and potential customers were prepared by FMC Consulting together with our client. In the next step, our client ranked the longlisted companies according to their potential and selected the ones to be interviewed. FMC Consulting conducted 20 personal in-depth and 20 phone interviews with customers and potential customers. 

Companies were interviewed using 2 different structured questionnaires for personal and phone interviews that are prepared together with the client. The name of our client was not kept confidential during the interviews and this way they had the chance of being introduced to these companies. Results were presented in a detailed report.

Result: It has been observed that there were not enough sales visits in different regions. Therefore, sales was restructured with 6 regional sales offices and an inside sales team. 60% increase in new orders were observed in one year.