Customer Satisfaction/Image Analysis in Turkey, UAE, Tunisia and Morocco

company logo of FMC ConsultingOften abbreviated as ‘CSAT’, Customer satisfaction is a measure of how your products and services meet your customer’s expectations. It is a crutial clue for business owners; as it provides a metric that can be used to manage/improve your business.

The difference between ‘satisfied customers’ and ‘very satisfied customers’ can make a huge difference in your profits. FMC Group gathers the necessary input from your customers, and evaluates their satisfaction with precision.

General dimentions of measurement:

  • Image analysis
  • Service quality
  • Service speed
  • Pricing
  • Your approach to conflicts or crisis
  • Trustworthy employees
  • Complaints or problems


  • Customer surveys


Client situation: The Turkish subsidiary of a machine building company was not sure about their market position. Are they performing good enough for this market?

Project scope: One day workshop together with the client to prepare a detailed questionnaire. Afterwards 20 face-to-face and additional 20 phone interviews with customers, potential customers and lost customers to question happiness, problems and improvement proposals.

Result: New sales structure with an inside sales support team and 5 local sales reps in Ankara, Adana, Bursa, Izmir and Istanbul European side. Revenue increase of 50% in one year.