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Employee Engagement / Organizational Insights in Turkey, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt

High employee engagement has a great impact on your company’s performance. We are here to support you with decades of experience in identifying and solving organizational problems in local entities of our international clients. 

We are conducting one-to-one in-depth personal interviews with your local employees in a neutral environment ensuring confidentiality.  Our highly qualified and empathetic consultants make a difference: Employees are usually open to share information and opinions which they would hesitate under normal conditions. As a result, you will receive in depth insight about your local organization. We do this with an objective eye which help you to see things unbiased.

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Advantages of Employee Engagement Survey with FMC Group

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Highly qualified and empathetic consultants 
  • Systematic approach and experience in designing questionnaires & conducting interviews
  • Good communication skills at all levels with different stakeholders
  • Uncover hidden dimensions within your local organization 
  • Improve the communication within your local organization as well as between HQ and local organization

Scope of a Typical Employee Engagement Survey

  • Understanding the current status: Conflicts between and within the departments, customer complaints, low productivity or high employee turnover. We examine the current situation in detail to determine the next steps. 
  • Preparing the questionnaire: Our questionnaires are always customized according to your needs. We usually use open-ended questions to let the employees feel free to give answers without being limited to multiple choices and to get a deeper understanding of the situation.
  • Communicating the purpose of the survey: The purpose and targets should be explained well to the employees in order to create a collaborative atmosphere during the project. 
  • Conducting the survey: We have face to face interviews with all participating employees. We provide them the choice of anonymity. We can conduct the survey on site, or outside the company in a neutral setting, depending on the conditions. 
  • Analysis and reporting: We analyze and deliver the results in a clear and easy-to-read report format. We can also provide our advice how to tackle the uncovered issues and improve your local organization.

Typical Question Scope of an Employee Engagement Survey

  • How is the satisfaction of the employees? What does not satisfy them and what can be improved?
  • What actions can be taken to raise engagement levels?
  • What are the things that employees like in your company?
  • Which strengths & weaknesses does your company have according to the opinion of employees? What can be the opportunities and threats?
  • Do your employees think that their responsibilities match up with their skills? 
  • How are the possibilities for the personal improvement and career targets?
  • How satisfied are the employees in comparison with the company they worked before?
  • How would they describe the working atmosphere in your company and what can be done to improve it?
  • What are the problems that the colleagues and departments are experiencing within each other? What would be the reasons? How can it be improved?
  • What can be done in order to establish a real and single team?
  • How is the transparency level in your company? Is sharing information encouraged at every level of your company?
  • How are the internal company rules? What could be improved?
  • How can you improve the quality of the products/services?

Client Example of an Employee Engagement Project

Client situation: The Turkish subsidiary of a leading machine building company had problems, especially a high fluctuation of employees.

Project scope: Preparation of a detailed questionnaire together with our client. With all 50 employees a separate in-depth interview was conducted, outside the company. We guaranteed anonymity.

Result: Change in the set-up of management and hiring a new CFO. The client was so impressed by the results that they ordered the same survey in two additional countries.

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