Opportunity Screening in Emerging Markets


Developing a detailed understanding of which markets offer the greatest opportunity can be a complex task, which requires unique expertise and intimate market knowledge.

FMC Group offers clients an objective perspective that saves them from costly mistakes while providing insight into the greatest opportunity (and whether that opportunity is sustainable).

Opportunity screening is the most effective, practical and hands-on way to understand your potential in Turkey, Middle East and North Africa. It basically aims the following:

  • Potential analysis
  • Lead generation



  • Targeting the market entry sectors
  • Identifying potential customers in each target sector
  • Longlisting all major players
  • Questionaire design
  • Interview
  • Analysis


What can we learn?

  • Target customers’ current situation
  • Target customers’ current partners
  • Satisfaction levels / unmet needs
  • Future purchase plans
  • Potential for our client