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Benchmarking in Turkey, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt

We identify your major competition in the market. By in-depth analysis of these companies and their local activities, we compare them with your own position and conduct benchmarking studies. The data that we use to compare are a combination of desk research, our estimations, expert opinions, and direct observations in the market.   

We can benchmark the leading local players with your own brand & position. Furthermore, we can do a SWOT analysis and identify growth opportunities for you. 

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Portrait of Berna Gurleyen, Head of Competence Centre-Research Services at FMC Group

Ms. Berna Y. Gurleyen

Head of Competence Centre-Research Services

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Advantages of Competition Analysis with FMC Group

  • More than 20 years of market research expertise 
  • Project experience from many different sectors e.g.
    • Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Plastics and Rubber
    • Machinery
    • Electronics and Automation
    • Energy, Environment, Recycling and Mining
    • Metals and Metal Parts
    • Construction Materials
    • Other Manufacturing (niche segments)
    • Construction and Real Estate
    • Healthcare Services, Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals
    • Retail
    • Logistics and Shipbuilding
    • Food, Beverage and Tobacco
    • Furniture, Forestry Products, Paper
    • Automotive
    • Textile and Ready Wear
    • Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
    • Financial Services
    • White Goods and Electronic Appliances
    • Defense and Aviation
    • ICT
    • Consultancy and Human Resources
    • Tourism
  • No matter how niche the sector is, we look at the market through the eyes of our clients, talk to the right people and understand how to filter the relevant data.
  • Integrate our clients into the project steering, enabling them to dynamically adjust the research focus according to upcoming findings.
  • Project insights are custom-made according to your own business segment.

Typical Benchmarking Scope in Emerging Markets for Industrial Companies

1. Background Information

  • Year of foundation
  • Number of employees
  • Key personnel
  • Company structure and shareholders
  • Local organization
  • Turnover
  • Export

2. Products & Production Process

  • Range of products
  • Production sites and sizes
  • Production process, machinery & equipment
  • Production capacity
  • Suppliers

3. Sales & Marketing 

  • Estimation studies 
  • Key customers and industries
  • Sales channels
  • Price levels
  • Payment & delivery conditions
  • Marketing activities

Typical Benchmarking Scope in Emerging Markets for Retail Companies

The following criteria can be explored in-depth as far as available:

  • Comparison of brands
  • General information about each brand (history, sales volume & value, store locations)
  • Products offered / merchandise groups / collections
  • Price ranges per group
  • Store checks and mystery shoppings

Project Examples for Benchmarking

European Manufacturer: Benchmarking with its Local Competitors

Client situation: A European manufacturer wanted understand their competitiveness in comparison with leading local competitors in the market.
Project Scope: A comprehensive study has been conducted to understand and compare the companies in terms of production process, products, prices, cost structure, sales & marketing and strategy. Market review had been included to provide a wider understanding of the local dynamics.
Result: Positioning of our client in Turkey and the real reasons behind the success of the market leaders were identified. As a result, improvement areas became transparent to take the necessary actions.

Global Apparel Company: Understanding the Local Operations of the Global Competitors

Client situation: A global fashion brand wanted to develop a succcessfull market entry strategy and an action plan. In addition to a comprehensive market research study, a competition analysis was also very important to understand the local perceptions & situations of its competitors in Turkey.
Project Scope: 10 selected brands analyzed in-depth from all angles; local organisation, history, sales value & volume, store locations, merchandise groups, price ranges per selected products and store checks. Furthermore, marketing & advertising activities were also analyzed.
Result: Our client was surprised to see that local dynamics were totally different than expected and their successful brand strategy did not fit to the local market.

Global Retailer: Understanding the Local Market and Local Competition

Client situation: Our client, a global retailer, wanted to enter Turkish market and needed detailed market and competition insights.
Project Scope: As part of a market research study, stores of their main competitors were analyzed in depth: Market structure, number, size & location of stores, items sold, number of employees & salaries, sales & marketing concepts, prices & payment terms, etc.
Result: A comprehensive report and a board presentation to decide on the market entry and strategy.