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Employer of Record UAE (EOR Dubai)

It makes a big difference to develop a new market with your own personnel directly. EOR is a solution that is easy to change, quick, and smooth. If your business gets big enough, you can easily move it to a separate company that you own. It also gives you a quick way out if you need to. Our customers and their local teams don’t have to worry about complicated local requirements and administrative tasks. Our clients can put all of their attention on building their main business.

Particularly for functions related to sales & marketing, business development, distributor management, and service & maintenance, our customers are very satisfied using our Employer of Recor service in the United Arab Emirates.

EOR is a flexible, fast, and smooth solution. If your company grows large enough, you can easily transfer it to your own subsidiary. It also provides a quick exit strategy if necessary.

Our customers and their local teams can be free of the distractions of administrative tasks and complex local requirements. Our clients can fully focus on the development of their core business.


  • Advantages of Employer of Record Service
  • EOR Scope in DMCC Dubai – UAE
  • EOR Dubai Office
  • Why it is Interesting to Enter Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Working Hours in the United Arab Emirates
  • Probation Period and Notice Period
  • Employer of Record UAE Client Examples
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Advantages of Employer of Record Service

  • Quick, flexible, and easy entry into Dubai, UAE, and the GCC region in compliance with local employment laws
  • Complete control over business development with your own team
  • Good option for building up, managing, and supporting your distributors and key accounts by directly observing local developments and adjusting the strategy whenever necessary
  • Using our comprehensive recruitment experience for international clients, we can form a local team that fits your corporate culture.
  • Focusing on your core business instead of dealing with the time-consuming and complex local administrative tasks
  • Allowing for easy market exit if necessary
  • Integrating your employees into our team through motivational events and special meetings
  • Providing a class-A office and a professional work environment.

EOR Scope in DMCC Dubai - UAE

  • Fast, flexible, and smooth entry to the GCC region 
  • Full control of business development with your own team. Directly observing the local developments and steering whenever necessary according to your own strategies 
  • Good option to build up, manage and support your distributors and key accounts
  • Forming a local team that fits to your corporate culture with our extensive recruitment experience for our international clients 
  • Freely focusing on your core business rather than dealing with the new, time-consuming, and complex local administrative tasks  
  • Allowing easy market exit if necessary
  • Integration of your employees into our team with motivational events & special meetings; not feeling left alone   
  • Providing a professional business environment with a class-A office

EOAR UAE Management & Reporting Flow

Management and Reporting Flow Chart

EOR Dubai Office

According to the rules of Dubai Free Zones, each employee must rent a certain amount of office space in order to get a visa and a permit to live there. Renting office space is therefore required.

  • Workplace in our office in Swiss Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) – directly across from Dubai Marina
  • Internet access
  • Telephone line and answering service
  • Heating and cooling in every room
  • Office cleaning service

Why it is Interesting to Enter Dubai, United Arab Emirates

UAE is a popular hub in the Middle East due to its geographical advantage, political stability, sophisticated infrastructure, and liberal economic policies.

  • It is the primary gateway to the 56 million-person GCC countries
population middle east graph
  • In 2018, overall GCC exports of goods were 652.4 billion USD, while total imports of goods were 443.4 billion USD.
  • The United Arab Emirates offers oil & gas production in addition to tourism, retail, trade, logistics & transportation, financial services, and construction.
  • Dubai is the preferred location in the Middle East due to its international business environment, modern architecture, entertainment & dining venues, shopping centers, and modern health & education systems.
  • Dubai’s airport is the largest in the United Arab Emirates, with many direct international connections
  • Invest Emirates and Invest in Dubai provide more information regarding why the UAE is a great investment destination.
  • UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation contains additional information on the UAE’s work force.
Map of Dubai airport

Working Hours in the United Arab Emirates

The maximum number of normal working hours is eight per day, or forty-eight per week. During Ramadan, working hours are decreased by two hours per day. The additional period shall be considered overtime, and the wage for each overtime shall be computed by adding at least 25 percent to the standard hourly wage. Friday is the weekly day off for all employees.

Probation Period and Notice Period

The probationary period, during which the employer may terminate the employee’s employment without notice or severance pay, cannot exceed six months.

The minimum notice time for a permanent employment contract is 30 days.

Employer of Record UAE Client Examples

Client situation: A U.S.-based provider of worldwide consultancy services and market intelligence chose to enter the Middle East market with their own Business Development Manager.

Project scope: Recruitment of a Business Development Manager via FMC Human Resources, employed by FMC Group DMCC in Dubai using our Employer of Record Dubai service.

Result: The Business Development Manager travels throughout the entire GCC region to recruit new clients and maintain and expand relationships with the existing customer base. After less than six months, our client chose to augment their consulting team in Dubai with an extra consultant.

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.