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Nearshoring to Tunisia by Employee Leasing

Competitive wages, the availability of highly educated employees with French & Arabic as first language and English as foreign language makes Tunisia a great destination for Nearshoring.

The corona crisis has made virtual collaboration the new normal. For many functions, companies have experienced, that it is less important where the employees are physically located. In particular, small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of this through Nearshoring to Tunisia by Employee Leasing and react to the increasing cost pressure. With this approach, we provide you with qualified staff in Tunisia, which are employed by the FMC Group. The employees work exclusively for your central departments while being physically located in our offices in Tunis.

Our customers use this service to augment their central departments with cost-efficient resources. Like this, they create a hybrid model consisting of core employees in the head office and remotely working Nearshore Employees in Tunisia. Also, entire sub-departments (e.g. internal sales) can be transferred as well.
This service offers great flexibility and considerable cost advantages through lower labor costs. The employees are leased and thus there is no need to set up a local subsidiary. FMC Group takes over the entire organization, including recruitment. The employees are functionally managed by our customers and can be fully integrated into our customers’ existing central teams.

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Portrait of Imen Hamdi, Recruitment Manager Tunisia, FMC Group

Ms. Imen Hamdi

Recruitment Manager Tunisia

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Webinar on demand: Nearshoring
Webinar on demand: Nearshoring

Advantages of Tunisia as a location for Nearshoring

  • High multilingualism; French & Arabic as first language and English as foreign language
  • Well-educated young people with impressive skill sets
  • Over 65,000 new graduates each year, 275 higher education Institutions and over 99% of schooling rate
  • 16.0% unemployment rate, people are ready for opportunities
  • Hard working and highly motivated people fitting to international business culture with competitive wages
  • Proximity to Western Europe, employees can travel to meetings and training courses at short notice
  • You can find out more on Tunisian National Social Security Fund to answer all the questions you might have as a foreign executive.

Approach for Nearshoring by Employee Leasing


  • Preselection of personnel by FMC Human Resources specialists
  • Creation of recruitment reports with candidate résumés and evaluations
  • Conduction of interviews by FMC Human Resources specialists
  • Optional personality tests of the selected candidates


  • Personnel decisions taken by our customers, based on video interviews or face-to-face meetings in Tunis, or, if desired, at the company headquarters
  • Employment at the local FMC Group company 


  • Functional management of the employees by our customers
  • Employee administration by FMC Group
  • Provision of the infrastructure (office, phone, laptop, etc.) through FMC Group
Approach for Nearshoring

Advantages of Nearshoring to Tunisia with FMC Group

  • Employee search according to qualifications and language skills (German/English/French/Arabic) defined by our customers
  • Recruitment decisions taken by our customers
  • Cost reduction achieved through the transition of activities from the headquarters to locations with lower employee costs and at the same time high employee qualifications
  • Proximity to Western Europe, employees can travel to meetings and training courses at short notice
  • No need to set up a local company
  • Flexibility and no long-term commitment required
  • Complete functional management of the employees by our customers
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Common Business Areas that can be supported by Nearshoring to Tunisia

  • Internal Sales
  • Order processing
  • Remote customer support/call-center
  • Commercial order processing
  • Accounting
  • IT
  • Design and engineering
  • Software development