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Employer of Record Egypt (EOR Egypt)

Egypt is the third-biggest country in Africa and the 14th largest country in the world by population, with over 100 million inhabitants. This is a massive and expanding market for selling goods and services.

An excellent strategy to break into the Egyptian market is to use our Employer of Record service. This method eliminates the need to register and manage a local entity.

It is a quick, easy, and adaptable approach to promote your services and products in Egypt using your own staff in accordance with your own strategy. You will be able to concentrate entirely on your business while we handle all local needs as well as the lengthy and complex administrative issues (Egypt now ranks 114th in the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business Index”).

EOR Egypt is typically used by our clients for sales, company growth, distributor management, and service and maintenance. It is possible to get out of the market whenever you think it is necessary.


  • EOR Benefits with FMC Group
  • Employer of Record Scope in Egypt
  • Why is it worthwhile to enter the Egyptian market?
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EOR Benefits with FMC Group

  • Easy, flexible, and quick admission into Egypt
  • Complete visibility and control over market expansion with your own staff based on your own strategy
  • An optimal standpoint for establishing and maintaining a network of distributors and big clients.
  • Our customers and their teams are completely focused on the core business, while FMC Group handles the lengthy and difficult local administrative requirements.
  • If required, exit from the market is possible with this model
  • Your local employees in Egypt are not alone. They will benefit from our team’s integration through motivation and engagement meetings, as well as coordinated team events.

Employer of Records Scope in Egypt

  • Personnel search and selection in Egypt by FMC Group human resources professionals based on the client’s unique requirements. It is also feasible to hire previously chosen candidates.
  • Negotiating and signing an employment contract in Egypt according local employment laws
  • The local FMC Group company is responsible for employee hiring and employment.
  • Run payroll accounting professionally in accordance with international standards and pay social security and taxes in compliance with Egyptian labor law
  • Travel expenditures, additional expenses, and allowances are managed and paid after your authorization.
  • Keeping track of leave entitlements alongside your approval
  • Private health insurance negotiation and execution (optional)
  • Providing a complete IT infrastructure and postal service: laptop, landline phone (installation included), mobile phone, mobile phone subscription with internet
  • Assistance with visa application procedures and ticket booking through our travel agency
  • You can begin internal training with selected personnel in your headquarters and entirely focus on your business.
  • The employee is integrated into the organization through defined processes and guidelines, as well as frequent feedback meetings.
  • Constant and consistent interaction with our consumers, particularly regarding personnel management in Egypt

Management and Reporting Flow Chart

Management and Reporting Flow Chart

Why is it worthwhile to enter the Egyptian market?

Egypt is one of the most appealing investment locations in the world due to its fast economic growth, a wide range of reforms, and resistance to crises and economic cycles. Despite the global impact of the coronavirus epidemic, Egypt was one of the few countries to enjoy economic growth in 2020, with its real GDP increasing by 3.6 percent.

From the perspective of an investor, Egypt offers numerous market prospects and untapped growth potential, as illustrated by the following:

  • A vast and young population of more than 100 million people, with an average age of 25. By 2050, Egypt’s population is predicted to reach 160 million.
  • Multilateral trade accords provide access to 2.6 billion people in 47 European countries and 19 Eastern and Southern African countries.
  • Strong infrastructure to promote economic growth: Egypt is now ranked 28th in the world for road quality, up from 115th five years ago.
  • Energy sources that are relatively inexpensive and diverse. Egypt is also a regional hub for gas processing and shipment to Europe.
  • Over the last five years, 885 new laws have been approved and 294 treaties have been signed to increase the efficiency of government services and attract international investment.
  • The Egyptian General Authority for Investment and Free Zones gives further insight of Egypt’s economic environment
  • You can also read more about Egypt’s economic prospects by visiting Invest in Egypt.

Disclaimer: Although we carefully researched and compiled the above information, we do not give any guarantee with respect to the actuality, correctness, and completeness.