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Nearshoring / Outsourcing

Nearshoring / outsourcing offers access to a large talent pool while benefiting from lower labor costs abroad.

Our nearshoring  / outsourcing service gives you great flexibility and a competitive edge through significantly reduced labor costs. Thanks to our services, you can fully manage your employees without setting up a local company. Local employees can be fully integrated into your already-established central teams.

Our Service:

  • Recruiting employees based on client’s requirements
  • The client is fully integrated into the hiring decision
  • We hire employees on our payroll
  • The client takes over the full functional management, while we take care of all administrative matters
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We offer Nearshoring / Outsourcing currently in the following countries:

flag icon albania   Albania

flag icon bulgaria   Bulgaria

Flag icon for China   China

flag icon croatia   Croatia

flag icon czech republic   Czech Rep.

flag icon egypt   Egypt

flag icon hungary   Hungary

Flag of India   India

flag icon indonesia   Indonesia

flag icon malaysia   Malaysia

flag icon mexico   Mexico

flag icon poland   Poland

flag icon portugal   Portugal

flag icon romania   Romania

flag icon slovakia   Slovakia

flag icon thailand   Thailand

flag icon tunisia   Tunisia

flag icon turkey   Turkey

flag icon vietnam   Vietnam

We offer Employee Leasing in 40+ countries, additional countries will be added shortly.

Are you interested in other countries? Please reach out to to check when this country will be added.